About Us

Kemi Active is committed to creating a high-quality and comfortable fitness fashion that connects with women’s everyday lifestyle.

By redefining fitness fashion, Kemi aims to be a sports athleisure and activewear brand that could help you stay cool, dynamic and stylish all day long. Our collection is trendy and innovative to support women to keep up with the fast-paced life where comfort defines performances every minute.


Our mission is to cultivate a community of strong women who recognize a boundary and fearlessly break it. We know every woman is unique, and we all embark on different adventures. Therefore, by designing multifunctional pieces, Kemi aspires to encourage you to stay active, dream big, and continue your grind toward a better future.


Kemi Active’s philosophy is based on quality design and fabrication while providing you with pleasant, fashion forward and well-constructed basics.

Our brand boasts a reflection of strength in community and unity. We want to inspire women to pursue their passion and celebrate their achievements in today’s busy life.

Our Craft

We work with accomplished and creative designers who breathe life into each piece. Our experience in manufacturing crafts soft, innovative and sustainable fabrics into timeless and trendy qualities that can last for years to come.

We understand the importance of a perfect fit. Whether it is a t-shirt, legging, or a jacket for your fitness wear, we ensure each and every piece offers you uncompromised comfort, easy-care, and outstanding ease of movement.

You spend hours in your clothing, your body deserves comfort, and you deserve to feel amazing no matter what you do. Kemi Active collection gives you all that and more!

Our Focus

Our luxury athleisure and activewear is for all women. Kemi Active pieces go beyond all lifestyles, occupations, and age groups to help you live, travel, and move as you want – doubtless and attractive. No matter what fitness activity you prefer – running, yoga, Pilates, strength training, aerobics, HITT, dancing, or more – you will find a perfect fit at Kemi Active.

Enjoy the resiliency, texture, and rich colors of our quality designs inspired by everyday women’s wardrobe to stand out from the crowd no matter what you do.