You may think you're past your prime and fail to act on things you want because
you feel like your time has passed and it's too difficult to start something new.
This is the wrong mentality because it's never too late to go after something you
desire, especially if it will make you happy.

Many people struggle to start something new, whether it's fitness or business-
related or making a lifestyle change that will put them on an unexplored path.
It is untrue that people cannot change after a certain age, and your habits are the number one factor affecting change.

We often fail to change our bad habits, such as quit smoking or drinking,
because they are deeply entrenched in our identities, making it difficult to find
the motivation to address things we sweep under the rug.

There will always be struggle and resistance to overcome our feelings of apathy,
but if we’re willing to put in the effort to hold ourselves accountable, it is
certainly possible.

Change is possible once we identify the daily habits that are holding us back and recondition ourselves with better habits to become the person we want to be. If you've been conditioning yourself with a certain behavior for so long, it has
strong momentum, and our feelings of succumbing to the path of least resistance often triumph against the change we want to make. This leads us to believe that change is not possible and that we should stick to
what we know, but that is untrue.

Doing an audit on your behaviors and prioritizing the things you want to do is an
important decision everyone must make if they wish to live the life they want by
chasing new experiences.

Once people begin to grow up, they might think it's too late to start something
new because they've made too many sacrifices for others and failed to prioritize
their needs and wants. However, if you take the right approach and change your system of habits, you will find that you’ve freed up mental space to seek novel experiences once again.