Many people struggle to find the inner motivation to work out regularly despite wanting to prioritize a healthy lifestyle. Motivation is very useful because it allows us to be excited about a goal and take steps toward accomplishing it.

Consistency is the best way to ensure self-motivation because you cannot expect to be motivated about your progress in the gym if you fail to show up three to four times per week. If you’re struggling with motivation, you may have set up unrealistic standards for yourself by consuming too much social media and comparing yourself to where others are on their journey.

You should prioritize discipline over motivation since motivation is fleeting, but discipline lasts forever. People usually find that they are more motivated once they start going to the gym regularly and seeing progress. You do not have to work out for 1-2 hours if you're just starting out. Instead, you can start off with 30 minutes of commitment, which is easier to follow through on.

Another way we can find our inner motivation is to consume motivational content on Youtube by following fitness channels for tips and insights into training. There are a lot of motivational videos about people going from obese to fit and from being skinny to putting on several pounds of muscle.

By following others’ journeys and seeing them overcome similar obstacles as ourselves, we become motivated to prioritize self-improvement, which becomes a feedback loop once we start to notice results.

David Goggins is one of the most motivating personalities on the internet and has a lot of content that helps push people past their comfort zones to pursue a fitness lifestyle. When we see others doing what we want, we become motivated to make changes in our life because we know it is possible.

Motivation is an effective tool that pushes people to join the gym and make the necessary changes in their lives to ensure healthy living.

Joining the gym is only one part of the equation; being regular and consistent with your training ensures you stay motivated in the long run.