Many people notice much better results in training when exercising with a workout buddy, who typically follows the same program as you. By synchronizing your training and competing against someone for progress, you adopt a warrior’s mindset where you try and push yourself past your limits and rely on your partner for motivation and accountability.

One of the perks of having a training partner is the fact that there is someone else to hold you accountable for showing up to the gym. This relationship doesn't work if one person fails to show up to the gym, which means your partner holds you accountable for your performance.

Most people with training partners perform better at the gym and have flawless consistency, which translates well to gym progress. It may be difficult for beginners to motivate themselves to join the gym, which is why it helps to have a training partner who ensures you show up consistently because you're both relying on each other for support.

Although the optimal strategy is to learn to hold yourself accountable, many beginners may need ‘training wheels’ and to do whatever it takes to build some discipline before progressing to advanced performance strategies.

Since a training partner can assist you in performing some lifts by providing what is called ‘a spot’, you don’t have to worry about the weight falling on you, ensuring that you push past your limits and train to failure.

Training partners are also incredibly motivational because they can psych you up before your lifts, so you are in the right mindset to tackle the weights at the gym.

Many of the top bodybuilders like Dorian Yates had a training partner at some point in their professional careers, making it worthwhile to mimic the strategies taken by some of the most elite athletes in the world.

Having a training partner ensures you can rely on someone with similar goals as yourself for support and motivation, which is incredibly useful in staying consistent in the long run.Although working out is typically a solo activity, having a workout buddy ensures you push past your comfort zone and progress faster.