Athleisure is a fashion trend that uses outfits that are ideal for exercise, sports, and casual wear. Athleisure clothing includes comfortable yoga pants, shorts, and sneakers that are aesthetically appealing and comfortable to wear.

But why is it so popular today? 

Athleisure made its first mark by deriving inspiration from the original yoga pants. Despite yoga pants being a gym accessory initially, due to their simplicity and comfort, women soon began wearing them in their everyday lives, which allowed athleisure to come up with their custom look for men and women alike.

New Athleisure products include tights, hoodies, and jackets, among others. As the clothing products became more popular and versatile, they quickly replaced sportswear altogether, and many people started wearing them outside the gym.

Nike and Adidas quickly took the market by storm by capitalizing on this idea that the public became fanatic about, and athleisure clothing soon started affecting the sales of jeans.

This was a surprise to companies like Levi's, who jumped on the bandwagon to keep up with the new product trend. Investors started capitalizing on the latest promising opportunity.

Lululemon Athletica was responsible for initiating the trend, and although the company had seen a drop in its revenue, it quickly rose between 2017 and 2020.

As the need for athleisure apparel continued to grow, investors were given tremendous opportunities by the athleisure sector. Athleisure quickly became a niche of its own, and many people started wearing the apparel on the streets and in casual settings.

The comfort, versatility, and aesthetic appeal distinguish athleisure clothing from competitors that struggled to keep up.

With more and more companies and businesses allowing their employees to wear casual clothing at the office, athleisure became a comfortable clothing option for many who chose to wear it to work. Gymnasiums also saw a rise in gym goers due to the association of athleisure clothing with exercise.

Athleisure clothing continues to be a trend on the streets, with many people making it the new fashion statement in streetwear and it usually gets an edge over normal sportswear thanks to added comfort and adaptability on top of the design and aesthetic appeal.